3 Trendy Videography Styles To Use

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Needless to say, in the planning stage of any event such as a wedding, you won’t miss the mention of a videographer. It is through the shooting of videos that you will keep the event memorable. Hence, you have to identify a videographer who has a vast knowledge of the current trends in videography styles. Nonetheless, during the search, you are bound to discover some statements or terms that you may not be familiar with. Therefore, you need a videographer who will take you through the videography styles that he or she has adopted and how each method is working for the good of the client. Hence, this write-up is aimed at giving you the trendy videography styles worth considering when hosting a major event.

1. Journalistic

Journalistic, also referred to as reportage or documentary, is a trendy videography style that involves the videographer capturing all events of the day as they transpire. Typically, in the journalistic videography style, the video is edited in a linear fashion so that you come up with a video that comprehensively documents your event from morning arrangements to the evening reception. Furthermore, this videography style incorporates such things as interviews with the guests or the bride and groom in the case of a wedding. Hence, the interviews are used to help bring out the story of the day. Furthermore, videographers who adopt the journalistic style stay obstructively in the background and will rarely interact with the guests. Often, a complete film will be approximately 20 to 90 minutes in length.

2. Cinematic

The cinematic videography style is a video shot and edited to appear more like a movie. It is a style that puts more focus on the drama and emotion of the day. In most cases, it will depend on special effects such as slow motion, music, and montages, just to mention but a few. Therefore, the cinematic videography is bound to feature more movement that is aided by the camera stabilization systems such as Steadicam. Furthermore, it entails the use of colors and contrast is always improved during the editing process to make the video appear film-like. Unlike in the journalistic style, the videographers who shoot using the cinematic style interact with the guest more, at times directing the guests or when setting up shots. In most cases, cinematic videos last for approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

3. Short Form

Short Form is a favorite videography style that is taking the world by storm. It is a highly edited video of your event such as a wedding and often lasts between fifteen to fifty minutes. The Short Form videography style incorporates both the journalistic and cinematic filming techniques. Nonetheless, it adopts a format that does not include the entire ceremony or all the speeches at length, as it would be in a Journalistic style. Furthermore, a videographer who shoot using the Short Form videography style can also avail a full-length description or version of the event through a discrete feature on a DVD.


As with videography, the most crucial thing is to find a videographer who is ready to deliver according to your desire and style. Therefore, with the above trendy videography styles, you can be able to choose a videographer that will help you get the best film on your important day.