Fruits And Veggies To Eat Everyday For Natural Energy

With so many companies exploiting the sluggishness epidemic with energy supplements, many of us forget that the source of our fatigue can be solved through alterations to our diets. With such a variety of fruits and vegetables jam packed with nutrients meant to sustain our energy levels, consider including some of these boosters into your daily intake:


Comprised mostly of glucose, fructose, sucrose, and fiber, bananas offer an outstanding source of energy. Chop them up and include them in your morning cereal or combine with peanut butter for an added protein bonus!


High in fiber, apples take longer to digest, providing you with a prolonged lift. Convenient and packable, apples make for a perfect snack when you start to feel that midday dullness.

Citrus Fruits:

Grapefruits, oranges, lemons, and limes are rich in vitamin C, potassium, and folate. You’ll feel a steady rise in energy instead of a sugar rush. The vitamins in citrus aid in helping your body form amino acids, which regulate energy levels. One of the first signs of vitamin C deficiency is fatigue, so try and pack in some citrus to see if you can solve your tiredness at its source.


Spinach is rich in iron, a key energy production component. Eat spinach at lunch to avoid a slump in the afternoon. If you’re not a fan of the taste, you can easily sneak it into your smoothies and mask the taste with yummy fruits!


High in B-vitamins, copper and phosphorous, edamame soybeans assist in breaking down carbohydrates to convert them into glucose for fuel, and also aid in transporting oxygen throughout the body. A great pre or post exercise snack, steamed edamame with a pinch of salt is a great source of protein to build muscles.


Trumping oranges in vitamin C levels, strawberries are a delicious way to fight off sluggishness and can help to improve and sustain your eyesight. Fresh or blended, strawberries are always a treat!

Sweet potatoes:

An amazing source of complex carbs, sweet potatoes break down slowly in the body to provide you with added energy and reducing feelings of hunger between meals. Baked, mashed, grilled, or boiled, you can’t go wrong!


A super snack containing many nutrients like manganese, copper, vitamins C, B1 and B6 and fiber, pineapple give you an instant kick and have the added bonus of being sweet and tasty!


Chock full of electrolytes, coconuts in any form provide you with an energy burst without the sugar crash that comes with other sweets.


The potassium and healthy fats in avocado provide a jolt of energy and can be easily included in every recipe. Filling and fortified with nutrients, you can skip out on the afternoon slump.

Relying on one specific energy source, like coffee, tea, or supplements, can prevent you from understanding your body’s nutritional needs! Include a variety of energy rich foods and take notice of how your body responds to the change in diet. Eat balanced meals throughout the day and avoid simple carbs and sugars to ensure continual energy levels throughout the day without the crash. At Fresh Kitchen, we believe in providing the most quality meals and juices to keep you full and fueled throughout the day! Come on into our restaurant and juice bar in Boca Raton and have a taste of energy, and get some inspiration for your home cooked meals!

How to be safe when exercising outdoors

There is nothing as thrilling as outdoor exercise.
You are free to stretch as far you want and enjoy wind blowing on your face. As much as it is fun to get out for your run or walk, you should not forget about your safety. You need to be safe always and that is why this post will tell you how to be safe when exercising outdoors.

Leave expensive jewelry at home

Your expensive jewelry does not belong outside when you go for your workout. It draws so much attention on you and you may end up being a theft target. Leave them at home and wear afterwards.


Come with a partner

Having a partner or two is good for your outdoor workouts. As much as it gives you company to keep going, it reduces chances of being targeted. Besides, when you are injured or get sick you will have someone to take care of your needs.

Often change your routes

Do not always follow the same route; vary them regularly. This makes you less predictable for anyone who may want to harm you.Use different routes each day. Make sure that you are familiar with each route you use to avoid being lost.

Carry something for identification

Do not go out for a run with nothing for identification. Bring your driver’s license or a business card. If anything happens, passersby will know who you are and probably call your family.

Do not leave your phone

A phone comes handy when you are lost or injured. You will need help to find your way back or call for some help. Your phone with family and friends’ contacts will be of much help.

Bring your dog

Your dog is a very good company. He will help push yourself more as well as keeping away bad people. Besides, you will also be helping your dog to exercise.

Stay hydrated

Bring with you a bottle of water. Even on a cold day, you will need to drink water to replace the one lost over sweat. Avoid sugar-laden drinks or buying water in the streets.

Run against the traffic

If you are exercising along a road, you should go against the vehicles. This way you will be more visible to oncoming cars and trucks. Drivers will see you from far and chances of accidents are minimized.

It is best to exercise in the mornings and evenings

You are busy during the day and you may not find time to go out for a run during the day. Mornings and evenings are the best time to hit the road. You will also be avoiding day sunlight that could be bad for your skin.

Be attentive to your surrounding

It is good to be immersed in your training but do not forget your surroundings. Know where you and who is around you at all times. If you notice someone or something sinister, get away to safety as soon as possible.

Go out and enjoy your exercise. As long as you follow these safety tips, you will always get home safe. Keep moving knowing that you are not in any danger.

Recluse Spider Bites

These are the most feared spiders of all time. They attack when provoked and their bites are really painful. They like places that are hidden and crowded like boxes, closets or beneath furniture or even in clothes. The bites are not intended however gaining access to these areas lead to a bite since that is trespassing their haven. Their biting is a mechanism of defense since they presume that you are an enemy to harm them.


Where they are found

The recluse spider bites are prevalent at the United States especially the southern and central part. The parts are Arkansas, Louisiana, eastern Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. That does not mean that they are not found in other parts it is just that they are a rare sight in those regions.

Signs and symptoms

Their bites are not recognizable at first but will begin to show up after some time. The effect of the bite lies on different conditions? Where was the bite? Did it release much poison? Despite the bite not being life-threatening, it is best to visit a doctor to check up on the bite and recommend measures to take. What makes you realize that indeed you have been bitten are the signs that start showing up like;
¼ Reddening of the bitten part
¼ Itchiness accompanied by pain
¼ A sore due to continuous scratching

Following the bite, the body starts showing symptoms like;
¼ Pain in the joints
¼ Rash all over the body
¼ Nausea and sometimes vomiting
¼ Fever
¼ Restlessness

What to do when bitten
A person that realizes at that instant that he/she has been bitten will have to do the following to prevent major injuries;
¼ Be still. Panicking too much might just increase the flow of blood carrying venom to other delicate internal organs
¼ Place ice bags on the bitten area for some 10 minutes
¼ Raise the bitten part and bandage it
¼ Clean the area with water and a disinfectant


There are several medications to relieve you of the pain and completely wipe out the scar though infografic_42_brown_recluse_spider1gradually. Some of the medicines recommended are;
¼ Ibuprofen
¼ Corticosteroids
¼ Muscle relaxers
¼ Pain relievers


Antibiotics are also administered to prevent an infection.


Prevention is always better than cure. To prevent incidences of Recluse Spider Bites, take some measures to repel them. Repellants and other traps might lead them away if they have already found a comfort zone in your house.

Other ways include the following;

¼ If possible, wear gloves when taking out stacks of clothing or old books and other stuffs
¼ Make sure all the crevices are blocked
¼ Always see to it that the clothes is safe to wear especially after it has been long since you last wore it
¼ Examine the inside of your shoe before letting the leg in
¼ Avoid creating bundles of materials that you no longer use. Burn them or give them out if they are still useful. One man’s trash is another one’s treasure, right?


Recluse Spider Bites are really fierce arachnids and utter protection should be taken when dealing with huge piles of property as they might be in there somewhere. Luckily, their bites are not that fatal and incidences of mortality are rare occurrences which raises no cause for alarm.

Social Media And Teen Mental Health


Owning a smartphone once a child strikes 13 years of age or even lower than that has become a custom in most households. It seems what all teens do nowadays is being glued on phones. It may seem to keep them busy but comes with lots of consequences. The urge to keep up to date with everything going on is what drives most of the teens into this act. The onset of several social media like facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp, snap chat and many more is what motivates them even more. Some would rather cut their sleep and be online all night long.

A lot of psychologists have termed this behavior as life threatening as it locks the teenager away from the outside world full of vigor. Instead, they lock themselves in their rooms busy scrolling on their phones and have even created a bridge between their parents and themselves. Social media and teen mental health is a core issue that needs to be resolved as early as now before it eats them up completely. Their mental development has been tampered with through the following ways;

Self esteem

We all want to share our photos to other friends and get positive comments commending them of exquisite beauty and perfection. What happens when one posts a comment saying that you are not worth it and even have more flaws than you think? What makes it worse is when all gang up on you. It is so downgrading and depressing, right? At that juncture, your self esteem goes down the drain and feels hated. This is the main reason why most resort to plastic surgery.

Drugs and alcohol

It has been statistically proven that most alcoholics bred the vice from social media. Some would see their fellow online friends posting pictures while under the influence of drugs and they seem cooler and everyone seems to applaud them. Why not try it out? Also, social media is a platform where everyone seems to be updated on what’s going down tonight in a certain wild club. We all know what drugs do to our mental health.pexels-photo-174936


One can’t just settle on winding up a particular task before turning on another. Most teenagers would rather operate both at once which is unhealthy. Through this, concentration wears off and your productivity will always be worrying. You will even be angry at yourself for not accomplishing it yet it was not that complicated. You will find some deteriorating in their studies yet they were once ahead of their tutor in class.

Peer pressure

Most of the teenagers fear being ridiculed by their fellow friends for lagging behind in updates and other entertaining activities like attending events. Some strive hard enough to confirm whether Jay Z and Beyonce have finally broken up so as to contribute in tomorrow’s conversation.

Breeds envy

Stalking has always been a favorite on instagram. We all see others leading those lives that we wish to have; hot boyfriends and girlfriends and also glamour which have motivated us to dig more into their lives and focusing on their every move forgetting that you also have a life to live. You feel a looser and grow hating those who have everything as you continue mourning your misfortunes.

What the teens fail to realize is; that only exists on camera and not in real life. Some effects have been added to captivate the eyes of many since they are only meant to market them and get people admiring them. We should all strive to keep ourselves with the active things that leave us feeling good at the end of the day and not clinging on passive ones that will leave us feeling sorry for ourselves.