How to be safe when exercising outdoors

There is nothing as thrilling as outdoor exercise.
You are free to stretch as far you want and enjoy wind blowing on your face. As much as it is fun to get out for your run or walk, you should not forget about your safety. You need to be safe always and that is why this post will tell you how to be safe when exercising outdoors.

Leave expensive jewelry at home

Your expensive jewelry does not belong outside when you go for your workout. It draws so much attention on you and you may end up being a theft target. Leave them at home and wear afterwards.


Come with a partner

Having a partner or two is good for your outdoor workouts. As much as it gives you company to keep going, it reduces chances of being targeted. Besides, when you are injured or get sick you will have someone to take care of your needs.

Often change your routes

Do not always follow the same route; vary them regularly. This makes you less predictable for anyone who may want to harm you.Use different routes each day. Make sure that you are familiar with each route you use to avoid being lost.

Carry something for identification

Do not go out for a run with nothing for identification. Bring your driver’s license or a business card. If anything happens, passersby will know who you are and probably call your family.

Do not leave your phone

A phone comes handy when you are lost or injured. You will need help to find your way back or call for some help. Your phone with family and friends’ contacts will be of much help.

Bring your dog

Your dog is a very good company. He will help push yourself more as well as keeping away bad people. Besides, you will also be helping your dog to exercise.

Stay hydrated

Bring with you a bottle of water. Even on a cold day, you will need to drink water to replace the one lost over sweat. Avoid sugar-laden drinks or buying water in the streets.

Run against the traffic

If you are exercising along a road, you should go against the vehicles. This way you will be more visible to oncoming cars and trucks. Drivers will see you from far and chances of accidents are minimized.

It is best to exercise in the mornings and evenings

You are busy during the day and you may not find time to go out for a run during the day. Mornings and evenings are the best time to hit the road. You will also be avoiding day sunlight that could be bad for your skin.

Be attentive to your surrounding

It is good to be immersed in your training but do not forget your surroundings. Know where you and who is around you at all times. If you notice someone or something sinister, get away to safety as soon as possible.

Go out and enjoy your exercise. As long as you follow these safety tips, you will always get home safe. Keep moving knowing that you are not in any danger.