Recluse Spider Bites

These are the most feared spiders of all time. They attack when provoked and their bites are really painful. They like places that are hidden and crowded like boxes, closets or beneath furniture or even in clothes. The bites are not intended however gaining access to these areas lead to a bite since that is trespassing their haven. Their biting is a mechanism of defense since they presume that you are an enemy to harm them.


Where they are found

The recluse spider bites are prevalent at the United States especially the southern and central part. The parts are Arkansas, Louisiana, eastern Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. That does not mean that they are not found in other parts it is just that they are a rare sight in those regions.

Signs and symptoms

Their bites are not recognizable at first but will begin to show up after some time. The effect of the bite lies on different conditions? Where was the bite? Did it release much poison? Despite the bite not being life-threatening, it is best to visit a doctor to check up on the bite and recommend measures to take. What makes you realize that indeed you have been bitten are the signs that start showing up like;
¼ Reddening of the bitten part
¼ Itchiness accompanied by pain
¼ A sore due to continuous scratching

Following the bite, the body starts showing symptoms like;
¼ Pain in the joints
¼ Rash all over the body
¼ Nausea and sometimes vomiting
¼ Fever
¼ Restlessness

What to do when bitten
A person that realizes at that instant that he/she has been bitten will have to do the following to prevent major injuries;
¼ Be still. Panicking too much might just increase the flow of blood carrying venom to other delicate internal organs
¼ Place ice bags on the bitten area for some 10 minutes
¼ Raise the bitten part and bandage it
¼ Clean the area with water and a disinfectant


There are several medications to relieve you of the pain and completely wipe out the scar though infografic_42_brown_recluse_spider1gradually. Some of the medicines recommended are;
¼ Ibuprofen
¼ Corticosteroids
¼ Muscle relaxers
¼ Pain relievers


Antibiotics are also administered to prevent an infection.


Prevention is always better than cure. To prevent incidences of Recluse Spider Bites, take some measures to repel them. Repellants and other traps might lead them away if they have already found a comfort zone in your house.

Other ways include the following;

¼ If possible, wear gloves when taking out stacks of clothing or old books and other stuffs
¼ Make sure all the crevices are blocked
¼ Always see to it that the clothes is safe to wear especially after it has been long since you last wore it
¼ Examine the inside of your shoe before letting the leg in
¼ Avoid creating bundles of materials that you no longer use. Burn them or give them out if they are still useful. One man’s trash is another one’s treasure, right?


Recluse Spider Bites are really fierce arachnids and utter protection should be taken when dealing with huge piles of property as they might be in there somewhere. Luckily, their bites are not that fatal and incidences of mortality are rare occurrences which raises no cause for alarm.